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Egon Schiele Art Centrum at UNESCO Town of Cesky Krumlov
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According to my many years of experience, Judita Matyasova is a professional with a human face and great empathy. I have been working with Judita for more than 15 years. We met while preparing a themed Christmas article, and that’s when I met Judith’s huge, even contagious enthusiasm for the things she was working on. They have met and we meet in a variety of situations and projects, and I always enjoy working with her and move her a little further. It shows me that the world of the media has its laws, and if you know them, you have almost won. Judita, I look forward to any further cooperation and valuable advice! 🙂

Petra Pribylova, Head of Marketing Communication Department, Czech Cultural Centers

Dear Judita Matyášová, in 2018 you visited the Leopold Museum and wrote a wonderful article for the newspaper Lidové Noviny about our exhibition dedicated to the photographer Dora Kallmus (Madame d’Ora) as well as an article for Vlasta about the museums in Vienna, including the Leopold Museum. We appreciated your great commitment very much.

Klaus Pokorny, Press/Public Relations, Leopold Museum, Vienna

Judita is a very professional and highly motivated journalist. Judita was well-prepared and very dedicated to her work. Judita is very well-mannered and highly polite. It was a pleasure to work with Judita and we are very happy with the results!

Serge Strekotin, TourismMarketing Office, Weimar GmbH

In each of our joint projects, Judita Matyasova proved to be an excellent knowledge of both a number of social topics (especially cultural and historical ones) and the media environment with which she can work effectively. I definitely recommend working together!

Jitka Panek Jurkova, Director of the Czech Cultural Center, Brussels

Judita Matyasova always knows interesting topics. She has the best qualities of a good journalist – obsession, curiosity, receptivity, intelligence, diligence and consistency, her articles are an inspiration and a lesson. She cares about quality and always thinks primarily of the reader. And an extra bonus – she can talk about all this in an insider’s way and with her own bias, even in private.

Jolana Souckova, Dramaturg, Municipal Library of Prague

I turned to Mrs. Matyasova with a request for advice and recommendations on how to start PR at all, how to find your way around everything, how to adapt the composition of the website and how to arouse media interest in the topic. We had a personal consultation lasting 90 minutes, where she explained to me how everything works in PR, how to approach things, we talked in detail about my topic and recommended a suitable specific procedure. The consultation was clear, concise and very helpful. I also received a lot of ideas, links and resources from which I can draw further and expand my knowledge. It can be seen that Mrs. Matyášová is an absolute professional in her field. I highly recommend her services.

Katerina Mlckova, Event and PR Manager