Restart Tourism in your Destination

Hi, my name is Judita Matyasova, I have over 18 years of experience as a professional journalist active in media since 2003, including work for newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines. I travel a great deal all around Europe and my main interest is always the same: I want to see much more than typical touristic highlights and inform readers about places which locals recommend. Very often, I have found an interesting place, one that had almost no promotion on touristic websites, and I have thought: why is this place so hidden on the internet? This is the reason I started a tourism advisory: because I think people outside of the media do not know so much about journalistic needs and expectations.

Right now, after the corona pandemic, is a good time for the restart of touristic promotion campaigns. Thanks to my tourism restarter kityou will get a detailed analysis of your promotional materials, such as your website, leaflets, and other promotions. Also, you will get concrete advice from me on how to recreate your PR materials, so they are understandable from the perspective of the journalist and also a foreign tourist. I will find for you the best journalists from the Czech media, inform them about your location and connect you with these professionals so that you can invite them for a press trip to your destination and they will write about your place.

Here you can see examples of my work – my travel articles.

Who could need my professional advice?

City Hall

Do you inform tourists before visiting your city about what they must see? Will you be inspired by promotional materials?

Destination Agency

Do you participate in the effective development of your town or region? You have various promotional materials, but you are not sure if they are effective enough? Do you establish cooperation between various entities in order to attract more visitors to the region?

Cultural Facility

There are probably many cultural spots in your area, but how does a journalist or tourist recognize that your place is unique? Do you have all important information on your website?

Cultural Heritage

Can visitors find your castles and chateaux, monasteries, churches, synagogues, palaces, strongholds or city monument reserves easily?

Activities for Children

Do parents have a chance to learn about your children’s attractions, non-traditional tours, interactive exhibits, courses or organized excursions for children?

Foodies Destinations

Can diners find your cafe, restaurant, wine cellar, brewery, chocolate factory or patisserie?

How does it work?

1. Field survey

I will visit your town and spend two weeks observing and analyzing how it is promoted. After the field survey, I will give you a detailed analysis, and we will discuss your current situation and what you can change in your promotion, so journalists and tourists could find you faster than before.

2. Analysis of the current presentation

I  will survey your website, leaflets, and other promotional materials and prepare a detailed analysis: how your information is viewed by foreign tourists and how it looks from a journalistic perspective. Do you have section Media on your website? If yes, what kind of materials do you have there? And is it really something that a journalist needs? I will tell you how to organize this section and how to prepare photo documentation and text materials according to the realistic needs of the media

3. Proposal of changes in the presentation

Sometimes there are just details that have to been changed, but these details are very important for understanding how amazing your location is. Usually, the biggest problem is with photo documentation of activities at your place. I can tell you which photos are useful for the media, and which are not. With this feedback, you will understand much more about the journalist´s perspective, why media do not accept your photos, and which types of photos they need.

4. Proposal of the press trip

Usually, PR managers organize PR trips without knowing the concrete needs of a journalist. They organize a trip with many activities, but the journalist does not want an all-day marathon, he/she usually prefers two or three main topics for a day and then he/she wants to discover the town on his/her own. I will tell you how to plan a press trip according to the real wishes of the media.


I have been cooperating with important institutions in the field of tourism for a long time.

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Judita Matyasova

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