Promotion of your city

To promote your city in the Czech Republic, I am happy to prepare a schedule of a press trip for several days for me to visit your local attractions with the aim to write articles for Czech newspapers, magazines, and online media about it.

I write travel stories for Czech lifestyle magazines, which inspire readers to visit European cities. My articles always include recommendations for interesting places in the town as museums, galleries, but also hidden gems, which are known for locals as favorite street food areas or favorite local cafeteria.

During previous years, I have co-operated on my articles with the local official tourism organizations such as VisitFrankfurt, VisitStockholm, VisitWeimar, Lodz Tourism Office, VisitAarhus, and others. I am also a media advisor for the Czech Tourism regional offices.

Before the press trip

  • First of all, I will dive into the search for your location offerings and make a list of places and events that could be interesting for Czech media.
  • I will find out the topics about your city and research how it is seen by tourists. Could we offer a different perspective and reasons to come?
  • After that, I will prepare a proposal for your location promotion and we agree on the most relevant Czech media to be published. Generally, I write articles of 2-4 pages for different kinds of newspapers, magazines, or online media with a focus on travel, lifestyle, children, art, or history.

During the press trip

Based on the agreed schedule and your preference of the target group, I can:

  • visit local cultural highlights, museums, art galleries or art districts,
  • taste local and healthy food,
  • do interviews with local artists, designers, or other relevant people,
  • find out opportunities for children and families,
  • discover romantic places for couples,
  • and much more.

Weimar example of the press trip schedule

  • Day 1 – Arrival at Weimar (evening)
  • Day 2 – Visits to Bauhaus museum, lunch regional cuisine, interviews with designers
  • Day 3 – Visit of the art district, interview with designer, healthy lunch, coffee break in design cafeteria
  • Day 4 – Visit of the museums, regional cuisine, romantic places for couples
  • Day 5 – Interviews with designers inspired by Bauhaus
  • Day 6 – Departure

After the press trip

I will put together all my notes including::

  • how to spend a prolonged weekend in your city,
  • recommendations what to see,
  • interviews with locals,
  • where to go for lunch,
  • which exhibition or festival is worth a visit,
  • how can couples spend their time,
  • what are local options for families with children.

Based on the previous conversation with the Czech media, I will prepare an article to promote your city and will take care it will be published as soon as possible.

Examples of my articles

Investments by your institution

All investments are agreed in the previous discussion and accommodated to your budget:

  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Entries to local attractions
  • Others

Would you like to order my press trip?